Time to make the doughnuts

hqdefaultI got a bunch of words in today. Surprisingly so. Not sure why or how. I wasn’t particularly focused on the work or extremely inspired. But I made my bottom sit in front of the monitor and said okay, I’m writing. Whatever comes out, comes out. I took a yeoman’s approach. Rolled up my proverbial sleeves and started pecking away. Next thing I knew, I got through a point in my novel I had been dreading.

Us creative types seem to forget that work gets things done. If we spend our time waiting for inspiration nothing may never get done. Ever. Working through the times you don’t feel like it will keep your story moving. Each word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter pulls you closer to the finish line.

Staying at it and following through is as important, if not more, as the inspiration. Its the only way you cross the finish line. If you need it, like I do, grab some Iced Coffee from Dunkin’s and get going. Being creative and chasing our art means that a lot of the time the things we do are engrossing, rewarding and even fun. It’s not always that way because making something also takes time and energy. It can feel like work at times. At least when you finish, you have something important. You’ve accomplished creation.

So get to work, even when you don’t want to. Those doughnuts won’t make themselves. Right, Fred?

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