UNspired and NOtivated

wp_20130503_001.jpgThe blahs, the doldrums, and the gosh darn despairs. For me, it’s hard to work when I find that black space. Hard to channel the light in my heart and give it to the world. I’m finding that I’m not in that headspace as much in my life any longer, but when I do get there it’s deeper, darker and bleaker.

Life can kick you and knock you down. Its to sit down and write. It steals the motivation and energy needed to sally forth and create. The unspired day winnows away, dries up and blows away in the chilly autumn air life a leaf fallen. You find you notivated. Getting out of bed needs extreme willpower. What do you do with days like this?

Sometimes you need to ride them out. But it’s better to take some time to process the hand you’re dealt and deal with it. Move forward, regain your momentum. Though you may feel like Sissyfus, believe this, that boulder will roll down the other side. Things can be rough, but if you’re in a hole you can stay their or you can dig out of it.

Keep digging until daylight. Keep fighting until you can’t. Know that you can make your way through anything. I mean anything. Smile when you can, laugh when able and remember that your tough times make the good ones that much brighter. In the darkness, focus on that pinpoint of light and work your way to it. Don’t let the world steal your spark, don’t believe that what you are is unworthy. Don’t be Unspired or Notivated by failure, be inspired and motivated by it and don’t accept defeat.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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