How To Recharge The Creative Battery

58862adce48caThe creative battery can get low. That keeps me from making the progress I want on my writing. A litany of things can disrupt it and drain it. Emotional strain, stress, overworking, or laziness. It can be hard to sit down, clear your mind and go into that zone where the world falls by the wayside. That place in your head where you channel the creativity in your mind out through your hands and fingers is hard to find sometimes. Sometimes when you get there, there’s no fuel for the fire and you’re left with nothing to show.

I find for myself, the best thing I can do is nothing. Engaging in more brainless activities can help. Exercise is great for the body and when engaged in it you are free to not worry about what comes next in your day. I walk regularly. I can’t say how important that is to me. It helps me clear my thoughts, destress and by the end of a few miles, I usually find my battery recharged. My ability to focus on my work restored.┬áIt’s not always that simple but I have found that to be mostly reliable. As a bonus, it helps me with my physical fitness.

Sometimes, nothing gets the ball rolling. Life is busy and it can be hard to match up the quiet times with the creative juices high points. I’m still struggling with the process of keeping a disciplined schedule, but I’m finding that when I keep to it, I’m much more productive. However, even that doesn’t necessarily do the job and the well is still empty.

In times like that, I have to trust that the well will refill. In the meanwhile, its necessary to keep up the housekeeping and more trivial pursuits of the writer. There is always something that needs doing. I may watch some TV, read, draw or even play video games. Do things that clear my head. It may take a few days but after a while, I find the battery ready to go. Once its back I try my best to drain the battery again.

Is there a surefire way to recharge? I don’t know. I often wonder how other creative types deal with this. I’m always open to suggestion.


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