Not that you missed me, but I’ve got a new blog.

thumbnail_IMG_2015Not that you missed me, but I’ve got a new blog. Seems I missed posting in June and half of July. Well, I’m posting now. Been a rollercoaster ride of a month and a half since I’ve typed here on my personal blog. I’ve been in nine states, started back to work following two shoulder surgeries, got a new-to-me vehicle, found some incredible artifacts, met with agents, queried agents, attended a writer’s conference, worked on antique cars, met a dog with a horrifying smile, finished the first draft of my second novel, begun my third novel, found a treasure or two, found a new hat, read a ton of new books, and continue to chase the ever-elusive alligator gar. Life has happened and continues to. I’m still waiting for the angel choir to break into song as the miracle of becoming an agented writer happens.

I attended the 2018 Writing Workshop of Chicago. I took the opportunity to sit across from an honest-to-God flesh and blood agent, two actually. And contrary to all reports, agents are human beings and the two I conversed with I found engaging, patient and kind. As I pitched my novel, they not only listened but asked questions and seem genuine in their interest. I received a partial and full request. I’ll discuss this more in length in another post and the conference as a whole, maybe.

Chicago vibrates and quivers with the history of lives lived, those living and the promise of the lives to come. Its towers shoot toward the heavens demonstrating the hopes of each generation mingled together. Every major era of humanity represented in the architecture. A day spent walking downtown, being a tourist, soaking up the culture, I found Chicago to be an enthralling city. It’s the first time, in my life, that I loved being in a city. NYC, meh, Pittsburgh, meh, Washington, D.C., meh, Atlanta, meh, Columbus, meh, Cincinnati, meh, Orlando, meh, Detroit, meh, Indianapolis, meh, all the other cities I’ve been in but don’t want to bother listing, meh, Chicago, Yeah.

I took my time I’ve used blogging to complete a substantial edit on my novel, The Phantom Funeral Coach, finish the first draft of The Waking Terra, and begin my third novel that may or may not be fairly controversial. I continue querying and working to get my first book on an agent’s list. I’m frustrated with the process but I hold faith that persistence and hard work will win the day. I’m resting The Waking Terra, who already has its feedback from beta readers while I write my third’s first draft.

I’ve sat at the feet of a master, offered the little help I could while watching him work on a 1934 Nash LaFayette. I felt honored to lend a hand and touch this amazing vehicle and work with him. I’m impressed with these older cars, the thought, and care taken to make sure that their owners could work on them and keep them whole. Even today they are much easier to work with than our modern vehicles. The craftsmanship, engineering, and art of these cars far surpass our modern output. Deserving of reverence and care over our throw-away piles of plastic, aluminum, and steel, there is satisfaction and worth from learning and working on these surviving masterworks. And to experience all this with someone who knows more than I ever will sharing their knowledge with me made it all the more special. It made a place, time and company I was happy to be in.

Now that I’m settling into a new rhythm, rise, work, slumber, I understand how to make the work of writing in earnest here work. Over the following week, I will work to cover the last month and a half and each pivotal moment in greater length and finer detail. So maybe soon, which is my hope, my first book will land an agent, but that alligator gar will still elude me.


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