Staying Positive through Adversity

Staying positive through adversity, it’s a hard one. It’s easier to cave and slink away to sulk. My preferred method of challenge tackling is hiding and hoping the challenge goes away and forgets that I exist. That method is ineffective and very counterproductive to affording any value to my life or the lives of those around me. Under no circumstance do I keep a positive outlook in such conditions. Rather I pine for relief and rue my birth, wishing for my demise. So the question is how can I be positive? How do I beat back the beasts of self-pity and negativism?

I don’t have the answers per se. I’m just going to push through, stand up and face the monsters I’ve created in my life. I’m going to be me and all else be damned. Time has come for me to put away childish things and take the life I want and stop with the self-destructive impediments I booby trap my life with.

I will no longer make apologies for breaking a few eggs to make my life a better omelet, it’s just going to happen. I don’t want to hear cries of life’s not fair, what about me, and if only… No more. It’s got to be different, you can’t continue on the same path expecting fresh scenery. In place of the whiny baby spoiled brat crap will be the vast improvements of things like what can I do to make this better, let’s get to work and time to shine.

Life’s challenging. It’s painful and never as easy as you may want. My life has been mostly rough but I’m still standing. I’ve been on the canvas more than I care to recall. But I’m going to get up to take the next punch and throw a few of my own. Stay positive, because when positive meets negative that’s when the spark comes.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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