Power of a Minute

Power of a Minute

Outside of teaching me the limits of my pain threshold, my current occupation taught one thing of value. That is, with repetitive action, a minute is valuable. What can be achieved in approximately sixty seconds is a lot as long as you’ve repeated that action into muscle memory. Repetition creates, creates, and creates, even when time is short.

It’s difficult to cut out huge portions of time to devote to writing. Using the excuse of not enough time atrophies the skill and craft muscle memory for writing. Not to mention makes for bitter feelings of guilt that I’m letting myself down. While never in complete dormancy, I’ve failed to be as productive as I could be. My skills and craft not progressing as they should because I’m ignoring the time I do have to write.

Minutes roll by with empty distractions. Minutes that could produce. Minutes of potential creation lost. The power of the minute remains underestimated. It’s not a secret that those who grasp its power and build on the minutes they have increased their opportunity and skill. If you pile up the minutes with the productive output, you just may end up ready to meet an opportunity presented prepared.

So as I sit in my truck before shift waiting to walk across the glinted frostbitten asphalt to a minute by minute compilation of labor, I will blog. I will take a short time to share my thoughts and work on my craft and attempt to corral the power of a minute.


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