No Queries No Hope

No Queries No Hope

My lack of diligence in querying leaves me in publishing despair. With no queries sent since February I’m in an unfamiliar situation. My daydreams of receiving a phone call from an agent want to represent “The Phantom Funeral Coach” hole zero chance to come true. It bugs me to no end and I’m to blame. It’s life that gets in the way, I need to maintain the priority to working on becoming a professional author. As an aspiring author, we function on one instrument more than any other, hope. But no queries, no hope.

My journey to publishing my work of passion continues beyond the length of time I imagined. After considerable research, I knew the path to getting my book on the shelves was going to be a painful path. It has been that. Multiple manuscript requests got me holding my breath in excited anticipation. After which disappointing responses crushed me with no helpful criticisms, save one agent. And I thank him for it.

I’m not quitting, I will be querying the thousands and thousands of agents still left untouched by my search. Elevated by the hope that provides, I will finish novel number three and start four by the end of April. Hope is the aspiring writers fuel. More than anything, hope, however unrealistic keeps us moving forward. When you query your work that slender iota of hope exists for starting to find an audience for the work of your passions. No queries, no hope.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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