I Have No Advice

I never climbed the hill all the way to the top. Never crossed the finish line. Never grabbed the brass ring. Never bathed in the glory of victory. At no time in my history did I get a medal. There is no trophy waiting for me.

My experience is a flaccid useless blob. Nothing of value comes from my time and efforts for anyone. You should, with certainty, decide that any words I offer are hollow and vapid, worthless. I have no advice. None. There is nothing I can tell you of any value.

Creativity and imagination strangle me and steal away my time, offering just their endeavor without an audience as a reward. How many words I’ve written, pictures I’ve drawn, worlds I’ve painted, videos I’ve edited that sit unwitnessed. The obsessive pouring of myself into creation is fruitless ephemera for personal edification.

If you are standing at the path of imagination and creativity, don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to me or anyone else. Your steps will happen regardless. Your way unfolds, you will follow it down the rabbit hole. Don’t listen to any other voices, you have no choice. Those voices of encouragement and discouragement, only noise. Don’t take advice, none of it matters. I have no advice.



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