Podcast? Who Me? I think so.

RadioShowIt’s been a few years since the Grand Dark Conspiracy went dark. I let it go. I couldn’t have started it back up at any time and still could. I loved and hated doing the show. It grew to a point where it demanded a great deal of my time. When I found a terrestrial radio home for my DIY paranormal radio show I had grand ideas for its future. I was wrong. The promises made never came to be. The support I was promised never materialized and in the end, one persistent jerk brought my tenure there to an end. I miss talking to interesting minds and hearing their ideas and views on the world we live in. I miss the excitement and buzz of a good show. I miss my audience and I miss the camaraderie with my compatriots and co-conspirators, Dr. Brian D. Parsons, and Dave Considine.

That being said I’m not sure I want to return to the same well again. But the itch to share ideas and conversations needs scratching. I am toying with schedule and format. I don’t want to hold myself in just one realm, I want a show that touches on all interests and ideas, no matter how mundane or fantastic.

If I were to do another show, what should I do? Paranormal again? Authors? Musicians? Film Makers? Politics? News? World Events? How often? How long should each show be?


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