Politics = Pro-Wrestling

Hell On The Hill

I abhor politics. This will be as close to expressing an opinion on political matters as I will get. We are all inundated with political views, beliefs and vomitous punditry exploded into our social media feeds. Everyone is right and they are rearing for a fight if you have the audacity to disagree. I don’t need to agree and even more amazing, I don’t need you to agree. I need you to respect my need and ability to make decisions for myself.

I feel like everyone thinks silence is sin. That to not speak up is worse than alienating people by yelling without listening. I feel engaging in the cesspool of politics is tantamount to debating your favorite professional wrestler. I’m weary of seeing politics swallowing tragedy into platform. Even more than that, I’m tired of the prideful parroting I hear and see constantly.

Respect one another. Show compassion. Empathize and don’t get triggered. BE HUMAN BEINGS not idealogues.

So with that laid out there, I solemnly pledge to ignore and never engage in political debates, to not treat human tragedies as opportunities to further policy agendas, to not limit your free expression, to support your pursuits of happiness. After all, what is politics? Politics = Pro-Wrestling.


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