Cranked Up The Mic

Exciting and intimidating. Have a new microphone, it’s been setup, and it’s ready to roll. Used it last night for the first time to record a school project for one of my people. It sounds phenomenal. He did a great job, by the way, writing a script and then recording the breakdown of concussions. I’m going to help him pick music and setup bumpers. I love when the kids come home with a project that falls into one of my creative wheelhouses. It’s fun to work beside them. To experience their thought processes and seeing how they work.

This time however reminded me the excitement of putting a show together. The podcast is going to be coming very soon. So I’m putting out my first feelers for guests. If you’re a creative type and would want to talk about your process, origins, inspiration, and anything related to who you are and why you do what you do, hit me up. Post here, dm me on Twitter @daniel_bautz.


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