Blanketed, The Earth Dreams of Spring

Snow has fallen here in Ohio. It’s unwelcome early return has me thinking of the green splendor of spring. The achy joints and turbulent commutes arrive with the frozen rain and I dream of the white sands and yellow suns hanging over the breaking waves.

The day will come when I awake from dreams of the white blanket of frozen landscapes with a tinge of nostalgia. Of laying on the frosted grounds moving the snow with my arms and legs and looking at the snow angel behind. The thrills of rocketing on a plastic rocket down a icy hill. Frozen noses and rosy cheeks thawing as I sip on the steamy silk of chocolate heat.

Today the blanket sits over the green grass of tomorrow. Like me, the earth dreams of spring and it misses the glow of long days. Like me, the earth dreams that it will bask again in the embers of sunlight.

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