I Would Like to Thank Windows

I am in serious consideration of switching to an Apple computer. Microsoft’s forcing the insertion of updates into my computer has corrupted startup files, thus rendering my computer incapacitated. I prefer having a say over when and how I update my personal property. Now I must create a new boot disk to include said updates or face the same problem again and spent hours I could be writing playing I.T.

Tech is great until it isn’t. I often use other things to write but much prefer the using of a keyboard over my cell phone or pencil and paper. I have other avenues to write and when necessary I use them. But on the weekends, in particular, I wish to go into my writing tower and pound the keys on my computer. I have the environment arranged just so. Everything is set up to keep me writing and working once in there.

So Windows you can rest assured you have lost yourself a customer. My next CPU will not help Bill Gates swollen bank account. I know it will cost more in the short term but the hours lost over the weekend cannot be replaced. Productivity trumps frugality in this case. So a big one-finger salute to whoever signed off on forcing updates.


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