These Are The Days

6e11c953-e6eb-4be7-9fc0-6e1cc10bd5f0These are the days a creative type person hopes for. Quiet house, no impending items on my itinerary, just me, my drive, and reaching for the distant star of my dreams. The puppies are playing in the yard, I’m spinning some choice vinyl and sitting at my newly updated Windows computer with a fresh cup of coffee. No excuses needed, no distractions except the ones I make. I’m going to get a lot of opportunities to show myself just how much I want to succeed this week. I get to live the life of a dyed-in-wool professional writer, if only for these few days.

So awake at ten a.m., breakfast and coffee made, at 10:20a.m. I’m writing this blog. Then I will disappear into my work, WAR ON CHRISTMAS: DOWN THE CHIMNEY (Check it out, please and thank you). Then I will continue to edit and revise 30 CHANCES. If time allows, I will work on ARTEMAS JAMES, see where I can polish and send out queries. I need to be aggressive and precious with this time and keep distractions low. As a creative type, many of you know, that is easier said than done.

So I will wrap myself in the cocoon of my craft and spin the chrysalis thick. Hanging away from prying eyes, I will work on the transformation of my work into something with wings. A dingy little moth that nibbles at the fabric of our hidden selves, a massive colorful butterfly flittering over the lush green field of imagination, either way, they will emerge as something worth witnessing. These are the days, free of care, that opens the path wide for the industrious travelers, those who see the vanishing point, and know its beyond there that you want to go.



Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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