Christmas Movies – My Favorites

Talking to a fine gentleman today as we sorted plastics for recycling, he shared a Christmas tradition his family partakes in. Every year they wrapped their Christmas movies and put

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Top 4 List – A Christmas Carol #1

Sometimes, not often, an artist changes the world they live in; this was such a time. One December, in 1843, an author unleashed a story on a slumbering, unsuspecting world,

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Top 4 A Christmas Carol – #2

My number two is a made for television version. In 1984, a long, long time ago, CBS debuted this special, and it’s been a favorite for many since it’s original

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Top 4 List – A Christmas Carol – #3

My number three is a non-conventional adaptation. While it does deviate quite far from the text, it remains one of my favorites. I feel that it has aged rather well.

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Top 4 List – A Christmas Carol – #4

With a new adaptation set to debut on December 19th on FX, it has me excited, concerned, and reflecting on one of my favorite Christmas traditions, The telling, and retelling

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You Have Thirty Minutes

Only thirty minutes available, what are you going to do? You could look at your phone, check twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and see how people are spending their time. You could

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Tuesdays Going

I’m ready for the week to be over, how about you? Working the week is overrated and just about all I can take. Not trying to be ungrateful about my

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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and November came and went, but the WAR ON CHRISTMAS rages on. Christmas and Santa hang in the balance. The battle continues, what side are you on?