The Scorpion Waits on The Stairs

Scorpions-of-Georgia-and-the-Southeast-1024x538Panic. Anxiety. Fear. Finally, courage. The brown arachnid is agitated and ready to inject its poison into whoever attempts to pass it on their climb. Huddled and watchful, we attempt to ascend by the aggressive creature. It won’t give up its ground, but we need to keep moving up. It darts from its den in the corner of the stairs. Through the exposed slats in the plaster wall, it emerges with every feigned attempt by us to move. Its tail, upright, a warning that it wants to make us sick with its venom. Small, it still can maim and kill. The smaller the scorpion, the more dangerous the beast.

I stand to block the threat from my fellow travelers, they slip behind me and go through the door at the top of the stairs. I am left alone to deal with the threat. The brown creature advances, and I attempt a stomp and miss. Again, I miss. It climbs on my pant legs, in a paroxysm, I flail my leg. I settle to see the creepy brown crawler is not evidenced on my leg. I carefully back my way up the stairs to where my people are watching through a cracked door. I scan the stairs for any sign of the eight-legged assassin. My nerves cannot excuse its simple absence from sight as an indication of its removal from threatening harm to me or those I sought to protect.

Still, I make my way into the room, and the door shuts behind me. I have climbed the stairs and made it to the place I set to go, and all I care about is standing with me. They look me over for signs of the creature. They relax, no sign of the scorpion apparent. I can’t shake the unease of not seeing its person after flailing my leg. I feel my pant leg moving near the top of my boots. Grabbing my ankle through my jeans, I squeeze, feeling something between my boot and my garment. I press harder and wait for the sting. Instead, an audible crunch and the movement under my grasp ceases. I pull up my leg, and the brown monster falls lifeless to the ground.

Life’s journey is sometimes realizing the risk is only a small fear to overcome. Even though we know that taking the first step seems impossible, it’s necessary. We all have aspirations we aspire too. But that trek begins with accessing whether staying safe is the thing that holds us back or not. Goals are only met with action, and when we stay put in the middle of our climb, we will never reach the top. The people we care about see this, and if you hold any influence, they will stay stuck in the middle with you. But by showing others that you can be brave, tackle your fears, you can move forward and reach the top with them. Never back down from something standing between you and your goals. Face the fear and move past it.

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