Weekend too short?

Monday’s here before you can blink, and the workweek starts. It’s double duty time for the dreamers, the hopeful, creative types who want to create and lift themselves out of workaday doldrums. I dream of my quiet room, the words, the scratch of graphite across pulled wood, hitting send on an email to an agent for the hours spent under the dormers of the factory I toil in.

Finding that energy, that’s the rub. To double up on the work, the one that currently pays the bills and steals the dreams, and the one the burns the candle from the other end but feeds the soul, can wear you out. It’s often the latter that finds itself short-changed — pushed back when the battery is weak. So as we all struggle to find time to work on the dream, remember that if the energy is low, that’s okay. Do something to forward your goal by giving what’s left to it, because even if it’s five minutes, you lived that dream for that time.

That little bit of energy expended can start the fire rolling again. You can’t recharge by resting. You renew by keeping the light of your passions burning, so on those occasions when you can bring together time, energy, and creativity, you can stoke the embers to a bonfire.

So though, my weekends give me the capability to focus on writing and being creative. It’s crucial to fill the weekdays with moving those things forward too. So though the weekends are too short, I can’t allow it to be the only time I chase after my aspirations.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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