Out Go The Queries

That feeling. Finger hovering over the mouse, eyes rereading everything you wrote, deep breath, click the mouse, and the query disappears into the internet ether. Welcome to anxiety, scrutiny, self-doubt, and hope. Maybe this is the time someone will fall in love with your work, perhaps not. The stabs and pangs of rejection will come. Waiting and silence are even more untenable and less acceptable.

What writers go through is tough mentally and emotionally. The process and wait as you try to take the thing you poured yourself into is agonizing at times. Even more so, not working and just letting the manuscript sit is worse.

The feeling of not having queries out there for my novels is way worse than any rejection. Knowing that there is zero chance for my work to be published makes me feel despondent. The work may be tedious and requires more patience than someone waiting for a McDonald’s in Marysville to get your drive-thru order right, but it’s worth it if only to have hope.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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