Finding The Light

Work, rest, repeat. That process is a wheel; it spins and never seems to relent. The grind sometimes feels like you are digging deeper and moving further from the warmth above ground. It becomes all that is. Just the work, a life lived not making in headway toward any kind of reward other than more work. Finding the light to lead you out of this cycle is not easy.

Discovery of what moves the needle for you is what matters. The next challenge is finding the energy and will to move toward that light. To work on that thing that fulfills you. It can be frightening to not stay in that comfortable hole you’ve dug for yourself, but the warmth of the Sun above ground is worth it.

Finding the light is the first thing; moving into it is the next. Don’t be afraid of the light shining on you, take its gift of warmth, and be energized.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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