Can’t seem to zero in on any singular item. It’s noisy and time is limited. This bastard has me trapped in the present and fettered to reality. Seated among the clanks and clacks, thumps and thwacks, bumps, and bangs, in this steel monster, there is no focus. This cage keeps me from my other worlds.

Assembly whirrs and repeats, slams and repeats, grinds, and repeats. A disguise of creation, untrue for its lack of imagination. Creation without creativity, creativity is sacrilege in this crass church of function here between the iron and the plastic.

Drones drone on building the deceit one at a time, forty seconds each. Joy is dictated but forbade to dance. Dreams power the belly of this engine, their dying the fuel.

Remember the adventure of life while trading it for security. Weep for the gifts of exploration and curiosity lost to the rote repetition of gain. Sacrifice identity and extinguish the light dimming behind your eyes, so you is a euphemism and I an epithet.

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