The Dreaded Oops

You know it’s perfect. Double-checked, triple-checked, revised, and reviewed. Free of errors and ready to send, you take one final look at your query. It is perfect. You hit send, and you’re pitching a literary agent. Your precise query is pitching your last year or more’s work. Then you see it. As the query disappears into the inter-ether, you spot a mistake. The dreaded oops strikes.

I’ve done it, and I lament the costliness of it too. That’s one less potential agent to champion my work. How do you even recover from this? It’s an opportunity lost. Dang.

It’s a hard row to hoe, working on getting your book published, and perfection is required in an introduction of such magnitude. The good news is this; you still have more opportunities. One agent that in all probability would pass anyway is not the end of the world. Plenty of agents out there, need to listen to the advice of Curtis Mayfield. People get ready and keep on keeping on.

Don’t let the dreaded oops shut you down. Keep grinding, and eventually, given time, you will succeed.

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