Barking At Ghosts

Asleep. The rabbit runs around and around, and I’m going to catch it. My paws are fire, and I’m like the wind. Too fast to be outrun by a floppy-eared little nuisance. I got him, and he knows it! Tag. Your it.


I jump up! Yelling, I tell the noisy invader to go away. This is my turf. The bunny is gone, the chase is over. I’m in my bed, and someone is here that doesn’t belong. I tell them, go away, this is my pack’s space. Go away. Go away. I’ll fight you. Bites are coming.

I look around. My people are on the couch. They aren’t barking. They are saying something to me. I can’t understand, but they are saying it softly, and they are calm. I think they are thanking me. I lay back down. This bed is soft. There’s that rabbit again.

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