Where The Needle Goes

Life offers a lot of options. Sometimes we end up with complications that need addressing. For me, that means needles. Big needles. Huge, long needles. Needles that go inside joints, needles that go between bones, needles that go into spines. I don’t have aichmophobia, the fear of needles. I’m thankful for that.

What does this mean for me as a creative person? Perspective. Life and its challenges are temporary. I need to work more and ignore distractions while I can still write. I can understand and empathize with people in pain. I can use the anxiety around procedures to propel me forward.

Where the needle goes next doesn’t matter as much as how it is, I use it. If this isn’t motivating and telling me I need to capitalize on my ability to create, nothing will. As I face the needle, it’s time to find a way to change my career to completely creative and transition away from manual labor.

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