New Stuff! HELL INDUSTRIES, INC. and the ctpODDcast

Hell Industries, Inc. soft-launched today with a topical single-panel comic strip. More are coming, they will be multi-panel and usually in color. I was tired of sitting on the idea and had what I thought to be an idea worth sharing, so the first one is up as a pencil rendering only.

As I said, I was tired of sitting on the idea I had darn near twenty years ago. I worked in a factory after graduating from art school for a year before getting a graphic design job. I hated every single second of it. The menial, repetitious work requires little to no thought. Between the lack of intellectual stimulation and the crappy work conditions, I felt like I was walking into the gates of Hell and clocking in daily. No clue what if anything may come from it, it is now out of my head and in the world. If you enjoy it, please share it. I will post new funnies as lightning strikes, so be on the lookout.

Nextly, the other thing in the works is a new podcast. With a different format than my last podcast/radio show, the ctpODDcast will be born. The ambition behind this is simple. I miss interfacing with engaging minds about odd topics. I will be throwing twist in there but more on that as the time is closer to launch. My hope is for new episodes weekly, but I will chase down the logistics later.

So stay tuned and I will be back with updates, for those that care.


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