Going Through The Computer

Clicking in a hard drive is never, ever a good thing to hear. SO, I’m going through my hard drive, I’m reconfiguring drives, moving things from one drive to another to protect the precious bits and bytes contained within. Hoping that today I will have a cloned hard drive, just in case the other fails. But I’ve found some fun stuff to share. I’m going to upload some art, old podcasts, and if I see anything else I might want share.

Its that bane of any non-well-to-do creative that equipment is always on the verge of obliviation. So the machine of twine, duct tape and radio tubes calls for another round of make-shift ingenuity and witchcraft to stay in running condition. I will waste today working on it so tomorrow, I won’t have to. Instead of waiting for it to fail and try to figure it out in the aftermath, I’m trying to be proactive. Its out of character, I usually assume that everything is all good and hope for a positive outcome. I know, dumb right?

Who knows, assuming this proactive thing will work I got things in the pipeline. Amongst which, I will be putting up another chapter of WAR ON CHRISTMAS: DOWN THE CHIMNEY, which you can subscribe to via Channillo.com. Uploading different Grand Dark Conspiracy episodes. Try to start booking folks for a new podcast. Color a new Hell Industries, Incorporated comic strip.

Be on the lookout for new schtuff from me soon. Not that you will, you should, but probably won’t. Just in case, giving anyone who wants to do the right thing a heads up.

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