Saturday: I Don’t Care

Saturday is here and so what? I don’t care as much as I normally would. I get to file my first unemployment report tomorrow, other than that my days a blurring together. I’m glad for that. I’m working toward my goals. My family and I are all in good health, and we all have the things we need. This is how I want all my days.

While things are far from perfect, I see how life could be if I can reach my goals. I’m doubling down. I’m ready to live and work at home. To set my own schedule, to not have anyone dictating my actions minute-to-minute who is not me for the crumbs from their banquet table. Its going to happen. I have faith in determination, perserverance, and work.

So to all those creatives out there, get to work. Take advantage of this unprecedented circumstance and create. Work on your paintings, drawings, music, novels, poems, macrame, make jewelry, sew clothes, videos. Do it with faith that this time won’t likely happen again for five generations. Seize the opportunity to be prolific. Work like its your job.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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