Today Is The Day


I’m 4K deeper into my latest WIP, between this morning and last night. The progress is pleasing, even if it is slower than my other novels. I am not excited about the rest of the week. Tomorrow I return to my day job, and every communication I receive from them pushes my blood pressure up. Not looking forward to dealing with the heartless call to action and untenable PPE situation for unnecessary products. To top the turd cake of the last day of my isolation vacation, another rejection letter for my middle-grade novel. While it was one of those nice rejections, it is still hard to swallow. Today is the day I have.

Let’s dive into the remainder of my day, and how it affects my journey to being published. First, I’m taking a small break from my Work In Progress to blog. To reach out to the other writers and creatives out there and touch base. It feels like I’m no closer to attaining my goal, but I know otherwise. While my child, my baby, my first middle-grade novel, is still seeking an agent, I’ve completed two other books, another middle-grade, and a young-adult. I’ve been writing and loving every second of my published serialized chapters for my series, War On Christmas: Down The Chimney. While not a lot have read it, it has been read.

My blog is still small potatoes, but that has grown as well. It’s only May, and I will be surpassing the last two years of traffic this month. I have set in motion the introduction of a few creative endeavors as well. Waiting for items to arrive to start the ctpODDcast on youtube, podcast, and other avenues. More funnies to come with Hell Industries, Inc. And of course oodles of writing. My platform is continuing to grow, and I am happy with that, but still underwhelmed by interaction. I’m awkward and out of step socially so I get it, I’m used to it. I will keep working until something breaks.

The day job needs to be deep-sixed. I’m working on that as well. It is clear to me that after hearing them say a co-worker has died from COVID-19 and our safety is their primary concern in the same breath, this is not the place for anyone that values their life. I’ve known this to be the case with my current place of employment for some time through personal experience. This, however, shows the extreme insensitivity to the worker’s wellbeing. So, I will continue to work my way free from this situation and the Satanic pigs that control it. Hope that money doesn’t burn in the flames of Hell you interminable sacks of filth.

I will be sending another query out today for my middle-grade, and thank you for the kind words in the rejection letter unnamed agent. I do appreciate knowing that the book was read, and while it didn’t blow your doors off, I’m glad it was enjoyed. You keep doing you, and I will do the same, who knows. But its true, I need to find the right agent and believe its inevitable.

I hope that all your creatives continue chasing your dreams and make them happen, that’s what I’m going to do. I will be free from the infernal corporate masters someday, and you have that opportunity ahead of you too. God bless and keep fighting the good fight and remember, today is the day.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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