Masterclass for writers

Masterclass for writers

I’m always looking to improve my writing. That means reading a lot, but there are more things that you need that you can’t get from just reading all the great books out there. My significant other was sitting on the couch next to me and held up her phone so I could see. R.L. Stine was on her screen, talking about his Masterclass on writing. I was immediately retorting something along the lines of “That I would like to do.”

Minutes later, I was watching this prolific and successful writer going through his method, life in publishing, and offering tips for attaining success. On the website, there was a workbook,m that included even more information and exercises. It was valuable information. Since then, I have used the other writers’ classes, Neil Gaiman, James Patterson, Judy Blume, all with information about their processes, all successful if not legendary. There are more, and I will be taking advantage of them.

What is interesting to me is not the differences in the process but the things that are the same. Because writing is a process that is reflective of the writer and every single one is unique. But what are these successful people all doing the same? And if they are not in my process, why not? It’s invaluable to me to have this information.

The writers have all shared valuable information, and it is all supplemented with materials you can download and work through. I’m always excited to see that I’m doing things these authors are doing, and on the flip side, it’s more exciting for them to fill in the gaps with something I hadn’t been. Masterclass is another tool in my tool belt, and I’m ecstatic to have it.


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