In God’s Hands

In God’s Hands

You’ve heard it. It’s in God’s hands. I remember in Sunday school singing the song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” That’s just another way to say we don’t have control. We are resigned to whatever may happen without the opportunity to shape the events as they unfold. For the faithful, that means that God’s will is unfurling, and we pray that is the same as our hopes.

I believe that as a follower of Christ, we are instructed to pray for God’s will to be done. That means that we are to have the humility to accept the circumstances we can’t mold. So many things that I would change right now, and it’s hard to think of that God is not immovable in his heart. That is why we pray because our God has compassion. We will not always know his will, but our belief is it’s in his hands, hands that can direct our universe.

I can hear the words as they run through my mind. “He’s got a-you and me brother in His hands.” And I know that much is true. I feel that, felt that, seen it. Miracles, in this time of skeptics, still happen. So we hope, we love, we pray, and we fight our despair in the light of uncertainty and troubles.

Right now, my brother is in his hands, and I am praying it is God’s will that he comes through his struggles. That I can speak to him about music, movies, writing. That I get to read his first draft of his next book. That I get to hear what he thinks of my first drafts. But I must resign myself to the mercies of my God and trust.

My big brother at Malabar Farm.

Pray for my brother. It’s all in God’s hands.

Big Brother and Me at Lucas Congregational Church sometime in the 80s

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Linda Muntan Green

So well said Dan. I believe in Jesus and in miracles. And I’m praying and praying. Love you all so much!


    Love you too.

Mike Sizemore

I’m heartsick to hear of what happened. I’m praying for Ben in a tough way.

Words can only speak so much, and in situations like this they don’t have a tendency to do a good job.

I’m here for you Danny, Jon, Diane and Dave.

Feel free to text me brother (419) 571-8337.

In Christian Love,

Mike Sizemore


    Thanks, Mike. Keep praying!

Mary Martin

Wow! That is a beautiful witness for our Lord and best prayer for Ben ! We love you Dan ! I know Ben is surrounded by Angels and loved more than anyone can possibly imagine! He is very fortunate to have you and Joñ as brothers! We have everyone we know and people we don’t know sending healing prayers up for Ben and all of you!


    I know you do, keep praying! Love you.

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