Absent in June

My Brother and I setting up a shot together, in our younger years.

I’ve been derelict in my blogging for June. I stepped back from some projects. My brother getting severely injured and the focus on a singular project slowed me up. More the former than the latter. I must ask for continued prayer for my big brother, while the burns are healing, the doctors feel the procedures were successful, he is experiencing difficulties from the trauma. Continue to pray for him, to make a speedy recovery, to find his way back.

I appreciate everyone asking about him, and let me say he does to. With the restrictions of COVID, I have yet to physically visit with him. It has been my parents only. So when it is possible, trust that all his friends will be able to see him. And, those who know Ben, know that is a way he has always been rich. He is a cultivator of friends, he cares deeply about each and everyone of you. With that said, I does his family good to see the outpouring of concerns, thoughts, and prayers. Please keep them coming and we will continue to pass them along to him.

On another note, the doctors have told us that familiar things will help him mentally. So if you have pictures of yourself with him, please share those with me. You can DM them to me on twitter, or Facebook. Or if its that’s not amenable you can email them to me @ danielbautz@outlook.com


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