Query Fatigue

Man, I am tired of researching. How about you?

Query Fatigue – Burrow in, and hide from the world.

Agents, agencies, publishers, comp titles, honing and personalizing that all important query letter. I am tired. My energy for it, well, gone. I am tired of scrolling through twitter accounts, wish lists, and interviews.

My least favorite part of all of it, finding an agent whose wishlist is a perfect match for my manuscript. Believe it or not, there have been a few who seem to be the absolute right fit. Not being negative, but this grueling process, leaves most with little hope. It’s not necessarily random, but inquiring to an absolute stranger to read and want to sell my work is a huge ask. I get it. It feels fruitless. But hope is a toddler and requires attention.

Right now, I am fatigued. So, I am blogging. I hope that some nice agent person will one day deem this lowly writer worthy of representation. But no more today. Tomorrow I will work at it again.

Somewhere out there, I believe is the person brave enough to champion a novel like mine.

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