It’s Christmas, Are You Ready?

It’s Christmas, Are You Ready?

I’m always ready for Christmas. Didn’t use to be that way but after careful self-examination, I am now. I like the idea of focusing on giving, family and the good we can do in this world. I understand cynicism is easy, but I refuse to allow the crass commercialization of a holiday to move me away from enjoying it for its intent.

Adoration Of The Christ Child – Gerard Van Honthorst

I get weary from people trying to steal the power away from it with weak arguments from bitter hearts. Its the easy way, to give in to the rancor and churn with the rest of the bile. I can’t. I won’t. I hope that others will continue to hold on to the hope of the message of Christmas. That mankind is not lost and alone in the wilderness. That we can change the world with love and compassion. The peace is coming, the grace is enduring, and hope is not futile.

It’s not crass or foul to celebrate the greatest hope human’s ever held. Whether or not you hold a belief in the Son of God, that’s immaterial. The message Christ carried is worth celebrating. Love, this is the great commandment. When we love one another as we love ourselves hate loses.

Christmas is here to remind us that we should always be striving to be better and to embrace the challenge of loving one another. Christmas is the a tradition that we should extend past the 25th of December, and hold in our hearts as we struggle with our fellow travelers.

Merry Christmas and May You All Be Blessed With The Grace That Has Been Born This Day!


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