Hope Everyone Survived

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Hope everyone survived the end of the year, the holidays and all the craziness of the world around them. I could retrospect, wax nostalgic, but I will spare you. I’m forward sighted and hopeful that the continued effort to establish my footing as a writer will continue on. Got a round of queries out this morning. Excited about the opportunities they could create.

I will be starting my next novel this week. It should be fun. It will be different from the last one. A thing that I’m noticing about my writing is I’m not wanting to stay in one place. I will be exploring a fun space that I think will be challenging for my self. Of course I will put my twist on it, but something new.

So far, I’ve written two MG novels, unpublished, a contemporary YA, unpublished, Action-Adventure Satire, currently available on Channillo.com and Amazon.com, Historical Horror, unpublished. So why not something completely different.

After several million words, I think I will probe yet more new ground for myself. What’s the worst that could happen?

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