First Story of 2021 Out. Fingers Crossed.

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Got the first short story submitted for 2021. I like the story. Its one of the stories that I started in the middle of the night, waking with inspiration. It happens. They seem to come easier than others. Its a nice little horror yarn. I hope it gets published. If not watch for it here at some point. Like the last one I submitted.

Now, I’m working on the next one. Another horror tinged tale, this one is different. Fairly confident, my beta readers won’t ask me why I hate kids after this one. I’m excited by potential of starting a new story and waiting for word on my previous one. While I prefer writing novels, this is a nice diversion.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, deadlines keep me honest though. Keep me pounding at the keys. First story of the year out, fingers crossed. Maybe this thing will finally breakthrough for me.


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