I Had A Good Day. Even If The Bookends Sucked.

Yesterday, I had a good day. It was productive and I felt emboldened. It started poorly and ended on the same note, poo. That didn’t diminish the productiveness of the day or my spirits. I’m learning to take somethings not so harshly and realizing that the to keep working is the key to good spirits.

A good day is one where I accomplish what I set out to do. I can only control that aspect of the creative process I’m engaged in. The other part, other’s subjective opinions on the merit of that is inconsequential. So even if the bookends suck, I had a good day.

Woke up. Check my email. Someone made it their priority to send me an email rejection to start their day off on the right foot. Cool. Work to be done.

At this point query rejections are not the barbs they once were. In fact, everyone I send off resembles every Powerball ticket I purchase. Just want to have the dream on the end of it. I harbor zero actual expectation of getting what I want.

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Short story was beta-read, editing was done. I sent that sucker off to the appropriate peoples and now I wait. But I have a story I’m proud of, regardless of response. Then I started my next short story, for which, I will send off to yet another publication in hopes of it being selected.

As I signed off yesterday evening, I checked my email. Another rejection. Someone wanted to start their weekend off right, and what better way than to reject a manuscript. But it didn’t dampen my spirits.

I feel like I’m still headed for greener pastures, even if I didn’t get a manuscript request. The only thing that bothered me about this rejection was it was longer than my book. I like the rejections that embrace brevity. I don’t need unnecessary prose for someone to say no, “no” suffices.

Today, I am ripping through the next story. First draft hopefully complete early next week. Then editing, beta, editing submission. So, as it want to say around these here parts, I HAD A GOOD DAY!

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