Quantity Produces Quality: Is This True?

“Quantity produces quality.
If you only write a few things,
you’re doomed.”

Ray Bradbury

The quote that I pulled this from comes from a most prolific writer of short stories and a legend, in my opinion. Ray Bradbury was nothing if not infinitely quotable. He’s an inspiration to any writer not holding an MBA or a college degree. But it is his unabashed truth-telling that has me circling back to him.

You can check out several lectures on YouTube. He offers invaluable advice to everyone who slid up to a keyboard, sharpened a pencil, clicked a pen, and set to move the words out of their skulls. This nugget, and its a common theme, is tantamount to becoming a worthwhile writer. The more you write, the better you become at it. Practice, in all its forms, makes you and your work sharper.

Collage of Covers – DouglasSP RayBradburyBoard.com

I’ve not read, listened to, watched a singular writer who doesn’t advise any writer two things necessary to excel in this art form. Read voraciously and write abundantly. Form habits around these two things and you’re on the right path. Ignore one, and unless preternaturally talented, you will fail.

I read my earlier writing now, and I see it. The more words I stack, the better my writing becomes. I can see mistakes in style, prose, grammar, structure that I overlooked earlier. Millions of words have spun from my fingers, and I’m still learning, still honing a craft that defies mastery. I’ve learned along the way.

There is no greater truth in any craft that doing that craft is the greatest teacher. The more you work, the more practice, the greater the quality of the end product. This quote is potent, factual, and should be ignored at a writer’s own risk.

It is true. Quantity produces Quality.


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