Change and how to handle it.

Man, this time is rife with change. It’s confounding and stressful. Some changes we create on our own, others are thrust up us. Every moment something new and something scary. My life is changing as I type this, and so are the lives of the people I surround myself with.

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Rites of passage shape us. I’m watching thresholds being crossed and people growing up before my eyes. Soon, they will be gone. Not gone gone, but not living under the same roof. I am excited for them and the adventure they are embarking on. Still, I will miss very much making breakfast sandwiches, working on projects, helping with assignments when my skillset allows. I will miss it.

Career changes are in the works, and this one frightens and excites me as well. I don’t know how any of this will play out, and nothing terrifies more than the unknown. I’m hoping my gut feeling about people won’t betray me. That folk will do what’s right, but for now, I don’t know. And if need be, this won’t be the first time my proverbial knuckles bled.

Changes in latitude are in the offing. Another monumental shift, daunting and full of potential. My attitude has changed too. I’m not going to use this time to worry or concoct a paralysis of inaction. I’m embracing the shifting plates and riding the tectonic movement to new horizons.

Changes will be coming to this blog as well. It is not set up to meet my evolving needs. It will change and hopefully be a more concise and focused presentation of the person I am becoming.

Change is motion, life is fluid, and God is good enough to allow me the option to decide how I manage it. I will fill my cup with experience. I will continue to use this as fuel to improve the middling being I am and strive to be more than a feral mammal. I will use this catalyst to be a human being.


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