A Golden Anniversary

50 Years.

Half a century.

Most of their lives.

I can’t comprehend it. It’s hard to unpack the thought of it all. The blessing of it is astounding.

Yesterday, I spent the day celebrating my parent’s union of matrimony reaching the milestone of fifty years. It was an experience that left an indelible mark on me, shared with family and friends, who more or less, have become family. Seeing the faces of people that my parents surrounded themselves with, faces I haven’t seen for a decade, reminded me that lesson my parents always demonstrated.

I’m a quiet person, reserved, and I am more likely to observe than participate. I learn from watching. I understand from witnessing.

Watching my mother and father through the years, I’ve learned. First, choose love whenever you can. Love is not in finite supply, it is an everlasting spring. Love in anger, love in pain, love in joy, love in silence, love in all circumstance. The best thing you can offer is that simple four-letter word. You can never run out of it. And love comes back to you.

I learned that life is not perfect, it challenges, even breaks you at times. Never expect perfect, or even good. Take the blessings and know they are the gift that blossoms from imperfection and struggle. Faith that we don’t toil alone at times is all we have, but every season passes, and the sun will return to warm our hearts.

Share everything with your partner. I can’t lie here and say I’m perfect in that regard. But its truth has shown through my parents’ lives. Trust the love you share and the bonds it builds, and be honest, share your fears, joys, triumphs, and defeats. Be open to share you burdens and be ready to carry the yoke for your partner. There is no need to carry it all.

I am thankful they found each other and built a life that leaves them without regret.

Happy 50th Anniversary!


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