Sat Here Before

Sat Here Before

I’ve sat here before. Many times, I sat here. Through high heat and bitter cold, high winds and stifling air, torrential downpour and flecks of snow, I’ve sat here. I walked the lines, trod on the turf, and waited for the ringing of the bell.

This place I’ve cheered, worried, hoped, and celebrated. From up here, mostly, I’ve watched with pride. Down there, I’ve leaned against the chain-link, hoping to glimpse you in triumph. I stood by and wished against your defeat. Time and again, in this place, I prayed for your victory and health.

I’ve sat here and watched you win and lose but never cease to be your best. I witnessed you from a young boy become a man, much of it sitting here where I find myself for the last time. Today, I witness you moving from a familiar place to new frontiers, sitting here. I offer the same prayer to my Lord. I pray for your happiness and health, your triumph over your defeats, your love over hate.

This one last time, I witness you achieve through tenacity and strength on the field below. You won’t be able to stay there, for you have grown beyond this place. You are becoming a man that most should strive to be. My joy overflows at who you are; I’ve sat here before.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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