Clues From Nature

Just went outside. Birds covered the pine next to my garage and line the roof of my neighbor. Something is on the way and those birds aren’t wanting any part of it. The black skies tell a story that matches our avian friends. But the fact that so many birds, different species, are sharing space grounded say this should be a real doozy. Clues from nature shouldn’t be ignored.

It’s lost. Most don’t read the signals nature provides. That knowledge drips away as we continue urbanizing and automating. Squirrels leaving their dens, birds returning from their winter homes, lilacs in bloom forecasting mating seasons of fish. Disappearing as we skate into a world of convenience and air conditioning, these cues don’t ring any concern from us.

So as we disconnect from our progenitor, we become naive. We understand less and less our environment and how to communicate with it. We are blind and we are fools. No longer can we interpret the signs of what’s coming. We accept too little or too much from those as blind as us.

I am glad to retain some of this language. Earth speaks to its own, humans. We should be careful to not lose the ears to hear. As sixty mile per hour winds buffet the walls of my house, I am glad I heard the warning of those birds. Or maybe I should trust my weather app.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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