Oh my gosh, nothing works…

I just said that, out loud, in an empty room, because my computer gave me a spinning icon. You know what isn’t slow? Mechanical physical things.

They aren’t slow, don’t need WiFi or cell reception. The printed page doesn’t need downloaded and maps are not in need of satellite uplinks. My vinyl sounds better than my Bluetooth speakers, DVDs don’t need high speed internet, the post office still delivers mail and business done face to face still creates stronger bonds.

They say print is dead, but I never bought a book that needed downloading.

Might make me sound old but so effing what. No matter to me, it is true. There is value in the non-virtual, the real, the physical. Not that our technology is without merits.

When they work they are marvels. I prefer streaming but internet service doesn’t always work. I love the convenience of things at my fingertips. But when depended on, forsaking the tactile methods of bygone eras, you will be lost when they fail. Don’t believe me, you ever see kids when there’s no cell or WiFi?

Not trying to say not to use the modern conveniences just say don’t forsake the tools that brought this far. You may need them.


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