Christ is an aspiration

Christ is an inspiration

Christ is the truth through grace

This is not a swear, no name in vain, or an exclamation. Christ is my life model, the measuring stick of my shortcoming.

Over my lifetime I’ve watch the words Jesus Christ be assailed, defiled, twisted and devalued. While the truth of his teaching is immutable, it is ignored.

You can scoff and you can worry about judgments from those who claim Christ, or you could separate the “hypocrisy” and investigate Jesus Christ for yourself.

Without getting into a dissertation or thesis, I find it hard to dismiss Jesus Christ as either irrelevant or unworthy of our attention. Love, compassion, generosity and selflessness are foundations to solidly construct above.

It is on this foundation, I learned to treat all with dignity and respect. To deal with temperance and compassion with others who wounded me. To exhibit restraint when turbulence pushed me toward violence. To forgive the unforgivable betrayals I’ve endured.

While I fall short, the teaching of Christ and his example of sacrifice is a model I wish to represent. If nothing else, believe this, this influence over me has saved lives.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.



love love love this!


    Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it truly.

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