Added Value or Something You Need

Marketing. It’s all about telling people they can find value in what you offer. You can do that in several ways. Who am I to say? Marketing is my day job.

Add the value.

Repetition, that’s where if you say it enough, they believe it. You need to have access to them a lot for this to work. You see this from big money corporations or governments because the amount of resources necessary to use this method is one few can afford, repeating just about anything enough will convert many people.

Demonstrate the value. You see this a lot. It’s practical and done right, impactful. Commercials that show the old way compared to their new and improved way use this. Or pie charts, infographics, and tools like that show you value by comparison. That demonstrates their value.

Give something useful. This one is interesting. You give a helpful tip or tool, and it doesn’t need to match what’s marketed, and then present the call to action. This is used more to promote engagement to brand than to product but it’s worthwhile.

At the end of the day, marketing must show value. Value of words, value of products, value of use. Remember when you market your books, art, music, or other creative projects. There is value in art, but why is your art to be valued?

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