Coming Soon and Already Here

Coming Soon and Already Here

The feel. That feeling you don’t see coming. Never expected it. Planned on doing an unboxing video for my social media. I couldn’t do it. It hit me hard when the heavy box full of author copies opened. The box’s flaps, like raptor wings, spread, revealing the Autumn Tales cover’s striking white, black, and red colors.

Seeing the physical book, honest and weighted, it all hit me. I wasn’t a writer struggling to have someone see value in my words.

I am a published author.

I stood silent. Hand over my mouth, fighting to keep everything in check. This is the most significant moment in my creative life.

I had spent a few weeks knowing and promoting it. Involved late in the process and new to all of this, I wasn’t prepared to realize it. My publisher, Anatolian Press LLC, who just picked up my upcoming novel, Life Is In The Blood, thought including me in the anthology was an excellent way to introduce my writing to the world. And so we did and my writing is humbly nestled among accomplished authors who I respect.

Now, and several have, you can read my first published (not self-published) work, Made of Clay, available on Amazon here.

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And here is the fantastic thing, I still have a novel coming in February of 2023 through Anatolian Press. Right now, I am blessed and excited to be part of this incredible company and humbled beyond all words that someone finds value in what I write.

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Stay Safe, Stay Special, Stay you.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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