5 Things about being an author

5 Things about being an author

I have been at this seriously for a while. Some behaviors I didn’t do before a starting this journey are now habitual. Here are five that I’ve noticed.

1. I check my email constantly. This is so Pavlovian. So many queries went out over the years that I still can’t help but open my email 500 times a day. Why? Because of the hope of query responses. Doesn’t matter currently. I am signed with Anatolian Press. And in the middle of my debut novel process. Still, I check.

2. I feel guilty when I don’t write. If I didn’t type a thousand words I feel bad. I do.

3. I read more. And again, I feel guilty if I don’t.

4. I am less critical of other authors work. I realize how effing hard this is. If anyone can write a book, may God bless them richly. This is not about anything more than persistent effort.

5. Social media time is way up. It’s how we connect in this crazy world. I am not a social creature, in fact I crave solitude. But I am on Instagram and Facebook for you to read my stories and that’s the truth. Otherwise I’d be silent.

There’s probably more but that’s what I got.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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