Life Is In The Blood out February 6

Nostalgic for rejections. Not really. Reflecting on the path to this point. Yes. I’m leafing through rejection letters from agents and publishers. Reliving the disappointment and fear of my inbox, knowing February 6, 2023 is coming from Anatolian Press. My debut novel, Life Is In The Blood, a western southern amish historical horror thriller adventure is ready for the world. How did I get here?

I started writing first novel, a Middle-Grade Paranormal Mystery, in 2016. I sent out my first query in July of 2017. Got multiple manuscript requests but for unclear reasons, never got picked up. While querying The Phantom Funeral Coach, I started the second book in the Aristotle James series, The Waking Terra. And outlined the next three books in the series. Taking my intrepid hero and his dog from middle-schoolers to college.

After that I wrote a contemporary YA, 30 Chances, about a controversial topic. While writing 30 Chances, I had a serial chapter novel published on in 2019. I pitched the most ridiculous idea I have. Basically, Rambo as Santa Claus. To my surprise, they went for it. War On Christmas: Down The Chimney came out. I also self-published the novella on Amazon. From time to time, I get a question when am I going to follow up on it.

After getting trounced querying YA about an active shooter event. I started Life Is In The Blood. Inspiration struck and 95,000 words later, I created the book that would in earnest start my life as a published author. Feedback, even from publishers passing was strong. While in between edits on Life Is In The Blood, I compiled most of my short stories and self-published Von Otto’s Child & Other Forsaken Offspring.

One day in August, Sunny sent me a post from Instagram. It was a publisher saying they were open to submissions. August 26 the query went out. August 31 I was officially in the Anatolian Press Family. From there I was able to get a short story in their horror anthology, Autumn Tales.

A month away from this point in time, Life Is In The Blood will be available for everyone to read from Anatolian Press. I’m nervous, excited and 18 million other things. But mostly, I’m appreciative. I will never successfully express my gratitude to every person that supported and encouraged the journey to this point. You all know who you are. If you’re asking yourself, is he talking about me. I am. Thank you.

How did I get here? Work, perseverance, support, love, pain and all of you.


Published Author at Anatolian Press. Debut Novel "Life Is In The Blood" out February 6, 2023.

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