1200px-Lucas_OhioGrowing up in a small one-stoplight town in rural Ohio, Daniel knew he wanted to be an artist. Being taught to paint by his grandmother, Jeanette, and inheriting the artistic drawing gene from his grandfather, Peter, he thought that comic books would scratch that itch for him. Daniel graduated from Lucas High School and moved to Pittsburgh for art school. He became unenamored with the visual art world but followed his learned craft into the world of graphic design.

WP_20130528_001Primarily putting up his pad, pencil, paints, and brushes for monitors, mice, and keyboards for 16 years, he toiled against the barrage of stupidity that is commercial graphic design, where the unlearned demand you to break the rules of design. Purples with greens, eight thousand items in a 2″ x 4″ advertisement, using the words “busy,” “white space,” “color wheel,” “branding” and their ilk inappropriately ad nauseam.


Behind the scenes during this time, he sought to create on his own. First, he wrote the treatment for a motion picture yet to be completed. A B-Rate Horror film full of all the tropes and cliches for low budget horror, “Where No Roads Lead.” With his brother and a friend, they hashed out the script and looked into making the film themselves. They ended up writing another script and filming a completely different movie. It was a comedy called “Why My Grandpa Went to Hell.” It was a piece of crap, but the script was solid and made a slight profit. The script written by his brother and edited by Daniel showed the written word for the first time more potent than the image for Daniel.


Undaunted, however, by the artistic failings of the first film, Daniel with his brother, Benjamin, unhatched a fantastic script for a never-filmed picture, “Preternatural.” Unlike the previous script where Daniel did minor edits, the brothers worked hand in hand, collaborating on a very dark fiction. The film never completed due to the fracture of the Realm Productions, LLC.

wnrlpostersmallA few years later, the brother’s dust off the first script and a couple of rewrites later, began production on “Where No Roads Lead.” After months of practice, they filmed over a long weekend and produced another piece of crap. Although a more polished turd, still a turd. But the script was solid, the story was strong, and this is where Daniel realized movies were not in the cards for him. So they shelved the project.

GDCIn the middle of this, Daniel Bautz began hosting a podcast. His original plan was to get audio clips discussing paranormal phenomena to be used in a documentary. The documentary was to illustrate that the modern methods of paranormal investigation were thinly disguised as antecessors to their spiritualist counterparts. That the contemporary paranormal investigator was no more a sophisticant and scientist than the spiritualist at the turn of the 20th-century tipping tables, producing silk ectoplasm and using Ouija Boards. The documentary never happened. The show, however, ran eight years and hundreds of episodes. Starting as a podcast and ending as a terrestrial late-night radio program “emanating out into the deep dark streets of Marysville, Ohio.”

IMG_1345It’s on this journey that Daniel found the engine that fulfilled the drive to create. The written word. He should have known but was never encouraged in that manner. His ability to draw and paint got him more accolades, and so that was his pursuit, even though it never drove him. It was just a means to the end, the craft was not as important as having the end product. The doing was something to be endured instead. So his craft never grew beyond what was necessary.

So he began to write. On a whim, he just had a story he wanted to tell. Now, writing is his life. The writing is as important as the story to him. He reads about writing, writes about writing, and when he not capable of either due to circumstance, he thinks about writing. And so he writes.

WP_20140923_006This site is been set up to follow him from unknown writer of words & teller of stories to a published author. After several years, Daniel accomplished finding a publisher, Anatolian Press. His debut novel, Life Is In The Blood, drops in 2023.

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