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  • Grackle Grackle

    Grackle Grackle

    An underrated bird, the Grackle.

  • Christ

    This is not a swear, no name in vain, or an exclamation. Christ is my life model, the measuring stick of my shortcoming. Over my lifetime I’ve watch the words Jesus Christ be assailed, defiled, twisted and devalued. While the truth of his teaching is immutable, it is ignored. You can scoff and you can…

  • Pecking to peck.

  • Pecking to peck.

  • Vinyl Therapy

  • Just Pictures of Nature

    Just Pictures of Nature

    I am a lover of nature and my camera comes out for animals, clouds, skies, bugs and trees. Check them out and share your owning our Facebook page,!

  • Custom Sneaks: Something New

    Yesterday, I did something new. A different canvas and an old skill. I customized a pair of sneakers. Bought some Nike Dunk Lo’s and a whole lot of stuff from Angelus paints. And for the most of the day, I sat at the table and painted shoes while listening to the Crafsman on Youtube. All…

  • October is Here

    So far, I have watched Child’s Play 2, The Conjuring 2, Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, and Halloween (1978). October is here! Halloween season, the time to revisit the scares of years past and find new ones. October 31 is reserved for the Disney Sleepy Hollow. Washington Irving has crept off my bookshelf…

  • A Familiar Visitor

    Last night, I had a familiar visitor. He has visited me for nearly forty years, and I rebuke him each time. He is persistent, and I am not equal to his power. Between his work, the world, and my own selfishness, he would see me defeated and laid low, broken, and ashamed. His intrusions come…

  • Hard Questions: What author influenced you the most?

    I just sent out another query for my middle-grade manuscript. I was flying through the usual parts. Even the agent research didn’t take long. Theoretically, it would be a good fit. So I compiled the query, chapters, and synopsis, answered the basic questions, then got walloped by a question that isn’t too uncommon. What author…

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