New Stuff! HELL INDUSTRIES, INC. and the ctpODDcast

Hell Industries, Inc. soft-launched today with a topical single-panel comic strip. More are coming, they will be multi-panel and usually in color. I was tired of sitting on the idea

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Love Is…

Love is sitting in a waiting room alone for an hour. It’s driving someone to treatment. Love getting up early to run routes. Love is sitting for hours of nothing

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The Best Way To Kill Yourself

Suicide. It’s a hot topic these days. Everyone wants everyone else not to take their own life. You google the best ways to kill yourself, and all that comes up

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My Wanderlust Is Genetic

Never settled. Never felt any permanence. Never thought I was a finished product. I could not get out of my hometown, Lucas, Ohio, fast enough. Not that it was a

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Finding The Light

Work, rest, repeat. That process is a wheel; it spins and never seems to relent. The grind sometimes feels like you are digging deeper and moving further from the warmth

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Out Go The Queries

That feeling. Finger hovering over the mouse, eyes rereading everything you wrote, deep breath, click the mouse, and the query disappears into the internet ether. Welcome to anxiety, scrutiny, self-doubt,

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