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  • Life Is In The Blood

    Life Is In The Blood

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  • They Accepted My Short Story “Made Of Clay”

    They Accepted My Short Story “Made Of Clay”

    They Accepted My Short Story “Made Of Clay”


    Rather than tell, I will show https://www.anatolianpressllc.com/danielbautz Click that link to my official authors page at Anatolian Press, the publisher of my novel, Life Is In The Blood! Follow them on Instagram here Follow them on Facebook here

  • What To Do With A Screaming Head

    What to do with a screaming head? Great question, but that leads to more questions. Never one to just blithely charge without surveying the landscape, we must answer a few things. How big is the head? Bigger than a breadbox? What’s a breadbox anyway? Why is the head screaming? What is it screaming? Is the […]

  • Von Otto’s Child’s Delivery Imminent August 20, 2021

    Von Otto’s Child’s Delivery Imminent August 20, 2021

    My anthology is due out on August 20th. You can pre-order it now!

  • It All Starts With A Word

    Every story does. One word. That word is the lightning to all the thunder that follows. That’s the origin of Von Otto’s Child and Other Forsaken Offspring, it started with a single word. It turned into twenty-two stories. Every one tale unique and individual like each person that occupies this planet. It started as a […]

  • We Put Them There

    We Put Them There

    Bump. Bump. BUMP! The sound woke you up. But the thump underneath against your mattress keeps you up.What was that? Your heart races, you scan the room in the darkness. Your eyes dart, trying to discover things out of place. Nothing. All your toys are where you left them. You can hear yourself breathe. Still, […]

  • Hope Everyone Survived

    Hope everyone survived the end of the year, the holidays and all the craziness of the world around them. I could retrospect, wax nostalgic, but I will spare you. I’m forward sighted and hopeful that the continued effort to establish my footing as a writer will continue on. Got a round of queries out this […]

  • Lord, Help My Poor Soul…

    Today marks the day that one-hundred-and-eighty-one years ago, Edgar Allan Poe left us. His words echo down through the ages and resonate like the sounding of bells. An inspiration to every gothic horror enthusiast, he died penniless and never saw the full bloom of his life’s work. He struggled in life and left too little […]

  • October is Here

    So far, I have watched Child’s Play 2, The Conjuring 2, Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, and Halloween (1978). October is here! Halloween season, the time to revisit the scares of years past and find new ones. October 31 is reserved for the Disney Sleepy Hollow. Washington Irving has crept off my bookshelf […]

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